B1 Dialog #20. When did you first?

In this dialog we answer the question “When did you first did something?”. PDF with text is available from the link above. You will find a lot of useful vocabulary there. Please like this video. Thank you!

How to work with the dialog?

  1. Listen to the dialogue and read the PDF transcript. Turn on subtitles if necessary.
  2. Listen to the dialogue again, repeating the questions and answers aloud (!!!).
  3. Come up with your own answers to the questions. Use PDF vocabulary if needed.
  4. Listen to the questions and answer them aloud (!!!), with a correct intonation, pronunciation and rhythm.
  5. Go back to the video from time to time and repeat the exercise.

When did you first?

  1. When did you first use the Internet? How was it?

I used the Internet for the first time when I was at school. I was 15 years old I think. Back in the days, the Internet was pretty expensive. So a library was more popular.

  1. When did you first go to the cinema? What did you see?

I went to the cinema when I was a student and we saw some comedy about Brides.

  1. When did you first use a mobile phone? Who did you call?

My mother bought me a mobile phone when I was 14. She wanted me to be in touch with her and relatives. 

  1. When did you first think life was great? What happened?

I have always been a cheerful person.Of course I had and have bad days sometimes, but I know that better days will come. I really enjoy my life and value it. I think when we get older, we understand it better. 

  1. When did you first travel alone? Where did you go?

I have never travelled alone to other countries and cities. But I think it will be a good experience for me. I would try one day.

  1. When did you first have some real money? How did you feel?

When I was at the first course of university I worked as a shop assistant. I had some real money and I felt independent.

  1. When did you first think the world was a dangerous place?

My mother told me about that all the time especially when I started going to other places alone. At that time I understood that I should be carefull.

  1. When did you first smoke / drink alcohol?

I have never smoked. I tried alcohol when I was a student.

  1.  When did you first fly? What was it like?

My first fly was to Thailand. It was awesome but I was a little bit scared.

  1.  When did you first buy someone a present?

I was a pupil and I had some pocket money so I bought a present for my mother.

Rinat —–> Anya

  1. When did you first fall in love with someone or something?

I was a kid in a kindergarten. I really liked one girl. I am not sure if that was love or not, but I still remember that feeling. 

  1. When did you first study English? Did you like it?

I started learning English at school. I didn’t like it at that time. After school I learnt it in university again and enjoyed it a lot.  

  1. When did you first buy something expensive? Do you still have it? – Когда вы впервые купили что-то дорогое? Оно у тебя еще есть?

I think it was a cellphone. I bought it when I started working about 12 years ago. No, I don’t have it already.

  1. When did you first meet your best friend? Was it instant friendship?

That’s a funny story. I was 8 when I first met my best friend and our friendship started from fighting. I don’t remember the reason, but after that we became friends.

  1. When did you first hear your favourite song?

To be honest, I don’t remember. I can’t even say what my favorite song is.

  1. When did you first earn some money? Was it worth it?

I used to work as a loader when I was at school. It was a hard job, but I earned some money. It was worth it. 

  1. When did you first decide on your own hairstyle? Did it look fantastic?

Not really. It didn’t look fantastic. It was about 15 years ago when I first decided on my own hairstyle. It looked funny.

  1. When did you first fail or did poorly in an exam?

When I was in my first year of university. I didn’t study well at that time. 

  1. When did you first regret doing something? Do you still regret it?

I usually don’t regret anything I do. What is done is done. I forget about it and keep living. 

  1.  When did you first remember feeling real pain? What happened?

It was in childhood. I jumped and twisted my leg. It was a real pain I still remember about. It took a few days to start walking normally again.