B1 Dialog #38 Talking about traveling

Today we are going to talk about traveling. As always you can read the text in PDF, which you can find in the description. Follow our podcasts on iTunes and Yandex Music. For more new dialogs subscribe to our channel.

(1) Do you like travelling?

Yes, I do. Many people like travelling. Now it’s a little bit complicated, because of Corona. I wish we didn’t have such problems. 

(2) What is travel for you?

It’s an important part of my life. Every trip is like a reboot for me. You know, I used to visit several countries during the year. Of course now it’s not so easy, but there are wonderful places in Russia I would like to visit. 

(3) What different kinds of travelling are there?

I’d say there are two of them. When you book a trip with a travel company and when you buy tickets, look for accommodation and so on by yourself.

(4) What’s the best place you’ve ever been to?

I think it was the Wadi Rum desert in Jordan. It was a very peaceful place.

(5) Would you like to go travelling for a few years non-stop?

Yes, I would. It’s one of my biggest desires. On the other hand I think it’s very hard to be away from parents and friends for such a long time. But I would definitely try.

(6) What are the good and bad things about travelling?

Meeting new cultures, people, traditions and food in foreign countries is amazing. I think each trip changes me to some extent. I feel that I grow up and educate myself. These are the good things. The bad thing is the cost of travelling of course. Lovely capitalism makes it more expensive every year. 

(7) Where do you want to travel to before you die?

Australia. I’d like to live there at least for a month.

(8) Is it better to travel or to arrive?

I like both. I like travelling but I like to come back home as well.

(9) Lin Yutang said: “No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow.” Do you agree?

Yes, I do. Sweet, sweet home

Anya —–> Rinat

(1) What springs to mind when you hear the word ‘travel’?

I think about different countries and how interesting it is to travel around the world. 

(2) Are you a traveller?

I don’t know. I like travelling and I’ve visited a lot of countries already, but I can’t say that I’m a big traveller. 

(3) Is travel an education?

Yes it is. You find out new things about other countries and places, meet new people and learn more about their lifestyle.

(4) Would you like to travel in space or to the moon?

I think everyone would love to travel in space. But I think it will not be possible in the next 50 years.

(5) Would you like to work in the travel industry?

Maybe, but not now of course. Travel industry is getting down nowadays. 

(6) Is travel helping the world?

It’s a big part of the economy for some countries. So yes, I think travels are useful for everybody and for the world too.

(7) What would make you wiser – travelling around the world for ten years or reading 10,000 books?

Both are good. I’d choose to read 10 000 books during traveling! 😀

(8) St. Augustine said: “The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” What does this mean? Do you agree?

Yeah, very smart words. The World is a book indeed. And if you want to read the whole story and new chapters of it, you should travel around the World.