B1 Dialog #57 What’s your favourite…?

Today we are going to talk about our most and least favourite things. As always you can read the text in the PDF which you can find in the description. Follow our podcasts on iTunes and Yandex Music. For more new dialogs subscribe to our channel.

How to work with the dialog?

  1. Listen to the dialog and read the PDF transcript. Turn on subtitles if necessary.
  2. Listen to the dialog again, repeating the questions and answers aloud (!!!).
  3. Come up with your own answers to the questions. Use PDF vocabulary if needed.
  4. Listen to the questions and answer them aloud (!!!), with a correct intonation, pronunciation and rhythm.
  5. Go back to the video from time to time and repeat the exercise.

What’s your favourite…?

  1. What’s your favourite time of the day (and why)?

My favourite time of the day is early morning, when I can drink coffee and read a book before the beginning of my workday.

  1. Where’s your favourite place to study?

I prefer to study in a living room.

  1. Who’s your favourite and least favourite actor?

My favourite actor is Matthew McConaughey, and my least favourite actor is Tom Cruise.

  1. What are your favourite sports?

I like softball, because my niece plays it and she is really good. It’s a cool game. 

  1. Where’s your favourite place to go and relax and think about life?

I like walking around forests and parks. I’m lucky to have a wonderful forest not so far from my home. It’s a very peaceful place. I go there almost every day.

  1. What’s your favourite expression in English?

I like the expression “just in case”. It’s a nice one if you want to finish your speech.

  1. What was your favourite TV programme when you were a child?

I think it was “The Jungle’s call”. It was a TV programme for children, where two different teams were competing with each other.

  1. What’s your favourite fast food and fast food restaurant?

I like chips, but I can’t say what my favourite restaurant is. Maybe “Kentucky fried chicken”.

  1. What’s your favourite ‘English mistake’ story?

I was at the airport on my way home from London and went through customs. 

Airport worker asked me to take off my shoes and I asked him about shoe covers in Russian, because my English was not very good. The funniest thing was that he understood me.

  1. What are your favourite clothes and clothes stores?

My favourite clothes are high rise jeans, my favourite clothes store is HM.

Anya —–> Rinat

  1. What are your favourite pieces of software and computer programmes?

I work a lot with Adobe Premiere Pro. I make all our videos in this programme. I think it’s my favourite one at the moment. 

  1. What were your favourite and least favourite subjects at school?

I was fond of exact sciences like mathematics and physics.  I also did a lot of sports. My least favourite subject was chemistry. 

  1. What are your least favourite words (in English and in your own language)?

I don’t like slang and jargon. I think these kinds of words make our speech worse. It doesn’t matter what language it is. 

  1. What’s your favourite and least favourite feature (this could be part of your face and body or your personality)?

I am quite persistent. I like achieving my goals. It’s the feature I like about myself. But sometimes I am absent-minded and I make stupid mistakes. So I am always trying to double check everything I do.

  1. What’s your favourite song (and why)?

There are a lot of good songs. I can’t say what my favourite one is. I like Cris Rea a lot. His songs are so pleasant and smart. 

  1. Who is your favourite and least favourite world leader (and why)?

I really don’t know. I think there is no one who I would like the most or the least. 

  1. What’s your favourite joke? Tell me.

There are a lot of good jokes. I would recommend you a website Jokes in levels.

  1. What’s your favourite and least favourite time of the year (and why)?

I like the Summer. My least favourite time of the year is the Autumn, especially the late one in November. It’s quite depressive. 

  1. Who is your favourite person in the world?

You are my favorite person!  😀