B1 Dialog #93 Talking about August

Today we are going to talk about August in English. As always you can read the text in the PDF which you can find in the description. Follow our podcasts on iTunes and Yandex Music. For more new dialogs subscribe to our channel.

How to work with the dialog?

  1. Listen to the dialog and read the PDF transcript. Turn on subtitles if necessary.
  2. Listen to the dialog again, repeating the questions and answers aloud (!!!).
  3. Come up with your own answers to the questions. Use PDF vocabulary if needed.
  4. Listen to the questions and answer them aloud (!!!), with a correct intonation, pronunciation and rhythm.
  5. Come back to the video from time to time and repeat the exercise.

Talking about August in English

(1) What springs to mind when you hear the word ‘August’?

Only good things spring to my mind. August is a sunny and beautiful month. I like it a lot!

(2) What do you think of the month of August?

It’s a good month for a holiday. People usually go somewhere and spend a lot of time outside. It’s a fabulous season! 

(3) What good things happen in August?

In August 2015 we got married. It’s a special month for us. A lot of people get married in August actually!

(4) What things do you usually do in August?

I like going to the lake, walking around the forest and spending time outside.

(5) What is the meaning of the word ‘August’?

Meaning of august is noble, majestic, awesome and inspiring!

(6) What are people who are born in August like?

They are strong, proud, loyal and brave. They enjoy being the center of attention. If your baby is August-born and his zodiac sign is Leo, you have nothing to worry about.

(7) What do you think of August weather?

It’s usually hot and sunny. People need to be careful and protect their skin while sunbathing.

(8) Where is August on the list of ‘the best months’?

I like the Summer so much! June, July and August are the best months for me. I can’t say which one is better.

(9) Are there any bad things about the month of August?

The only bad thing about August is that it’s the last month of Summer. It’s a little bit sad.

(10) What plans do you have for next August?

I don’t know. I will think about it next August!

Anya —–> Rinat

(1) If you made an August festival, what would it be like?

It would definitely be an open air festival with a lot of outside activities. It’s better to make the festival near the sea or lake. So people can escape the hot weather and enjoy water. 

(2) Is there any delicious food you eat in August?

It’s the season of fresh fruits and vegetables. I like melons and watermelons. In  August they are so tasty! 

(3) How should people celebrate in August?

Spending time outside is the best option for any kind of celebration in August, when the weather is awesome and there is no rain. It could be some restaurant with an open terrace. 

(4) What famous holidays are there in August?

In Russia it’s the Day of Airborne forces on the 2st of August. The 6th of August is the Day of Railway troops. I think that’s it.

(5) How do you feel when August arrives?

I feel good. It’s a good time for a holiday. If I have a chance I like traveling in August.

(7) How do you feel when August is over?

I feel a little bit sad when August is over. What about you?

(8) What three adjectives best describe August, and why?

August is warm, sunny and beautiful. It’s the last month of Summer and I think that it’s the main reason why everyone likes it!

(9) What good thing can you remember happening in August?

We traveled a lot in August. It’s definitely one of the best things that happened to me in August.!

(10) What is a good symbol for August, and why?

A good symbol for August is harvesting. August – the harvesting season. This is a glorious month to enjoy the ripening fruit and veg that you’ve been growing this year.