B1 Dialogue #10. Talking about actors

Today we are going to talk about actors in English. If you want to understand us better, you can download PDF transcripts in the description. If you have questions, please write them down in the comment section.

How to work with the dialog?

  1. Listen to the dialogue and read the PDF transcript. Turn on subtitles if necessary.
  2. Listen to the dialogue again, repeating the questions and answers aloud (!!!).
  3. Come up with your own answers to the questions. Use PDF vocabulary if needed.
  4. Listen to the questions and answer them aloud (!!!), with a correct intonation, pronunciation and rhythm.
  5. Go back to the video from time to time and repeat the exercise.

Talking about actors

(1) Who is your favorite actor?

Now my favourite actor is Matthew McConaughey.

(2) Who is your favorite actress?

I’m a big fan of “friends” so I like Jennifer Aniston.

(3) What do you think about both men and women being called actors nowadays?

It depends on an actor. I can’t say anything that would describe all actors with a few words. From my point of view, most of the young actors and actresses nowadays are weak. For some reason, they all look similar, without any personal features. Old actors were much stronger.

(4) Would you like to be an actor?

I wanted to be a famous person when I was a child. But then I understood how difficult it is to be in the spotlight all the time. Actors earn big money, but we don’t know what’s going on behind the scene. So no I wouldn’t

(5) Do you think men or women are better at acting?

I think it doesn’t matter. 

(6) Do you think today’s actors are better than those from 30, 40 or 50 years ago?

It was a long time ago. Those actors were different. I think it is wrong to compare them.

(7) Do you think it’s strange that most actors are beautiful or handsome? 

People like a beautiful picture and they enjoy watching handsome, strong, successful characters in films. So no, I don’t.

(8) Do you think anyone can become an actor?

No, I don’t. You should have a talent, skills to work on camera, good memory in order to remember the role. Many people want to be famous, but it’s difficult to attract attention in this business. 

(9) Are there any actors you really don’t like?

More or less I like all actors. I think it depends on the film as well.

(10) Do you like actors from other countries?

Of course I do. There are a lot of actors that I like watching in movies. For example, Jackie Chan. I like him a lot. Especially when I was a child.

Anya —-> Rinat

  1. Have you ever acted, either at school or amateur dramatics?

Yes I have. I acted at school and participated in different performances. I was an active pupil. 

(2) What kind of movies would you like to act in?

I’d like to act in a thriller and play a detective in some interesting movie like “True Detective” or something like that.

(3) Would you prefer to act on the stage, in movies or in TV dramas? 

Movies are more popular nowadays. I’d say it’s a mainstream of this industry. Playing on the stage is much more difficult, because you have only one chance to act well, only one take. I think I can’t do this. I’d rather try acting in movies.

(4) Do you think an actor’s job is difficult?

As I said, acting on the stage is more difficult. And I respect it the most. Acting in movies is not easy as well, but I think it’s much easier. But not everyone can do this of course. Good actor is hard work. 

(5) Do you always agree with the choices for best actor and actress at the Oscars (Academy Awards)?

The last one I watched, was about 5 years ago. And I remember that some choices were really strange. Now I don’t watch the Oscars. They are not interesting for me anymore. 

(6) Do you think actors get paid too much money?

Yes, I think so. We live in an insane World. People that do a really necessary and hard job like teachers, doctors and others earn nothing in comparison with famous actors and football players for example. That’s crazy. I don’t understand it. 

(7) Who are the top actors in your country?

I like Sergey Makovetsky, Sergey Garmash and Viktor Suhorukov. But they are from old school. Top young actors are Alexandr Petrov and Danila Kozlovsky, but I don’t like them. I am sure there are many other young actors that are much better. Jury Borisov for example. 

(8) Which actor would you like to change places with and why?

Nobody. I’m not interested in it. Don’t make for yourself an idol. Wise words.

(9) Do you have a favorite acting performance?

I really like going to the theatre. My favorite performance in the last 3 years is “Vampires’ Ball”. I wish I could visit it again. It was really awesome.

(10) What questions would you like to ask your favorite actor?

I’d like to talk to Jury Borisov. I think that he is a really strong actor. I’d ask him about his job and planes for the future. As for foreign actors, I’d ask Matthew McConaughey how he managed to be so good in True Detective. It’s a really good movie. If you haven’t watched it, I recommend it to you guys.