Your perfect English class | How to make it effective?

When I learned English I was studying with a teacher in the beginning. And I remember how difficult it was to find a good one. I had at least two or three trial lessons with different teachers before I finally found the teacher I liked. 

The point is that it’s not easy to find a person who would not only talk to you during the whole lesson, but also provide you with powerful language classes and would keep you interested and motivated in studying. I don’t like when I need to think about what kind of activities we should have in class. I don’t want to be responsible for that. I am a student.

As a student I need a teacher who knows how to provide good lessons. So how to have a substantial language class? Let’s talk about it today!

I have been learning languages for many years and I have a huge experience of different kinds of language classes. I’d like to share with you some notes about how to make classes more effective. No matter what kind of language you learn. It works for any foreign language. 

First of all, a student should not get bored during the lesson. I like it when a teacher makes each minute of the lesson useful. The lesson has to have a structured plan without empty time slots. A good language class always flies fast, you don’t need to look at your watch and think “God, how much time is left till it’s finally over”. 

You need to be involved in a studying process and be interested in what you do. A good teacher knows how to keep you focused on the class. He knows how to keep up your interest in the language you learn. With a good teacher you always look forward to another lesson! 

I really enjoy classes, which include all fundamental language activities like speaking practice, listening practice, studying of the English grammar and reading. Learning English is getting more effective, when you train the essential language skills all together. 

I like having classes like this.

First 15-20 minutes you practice your listening skill by working with some short podcast in English together with your teacher. It doesn’t have to be too difficult. Depending on your level a good teacher always provides you with proper materials that fit your level. The most important thing is deep learning. 

Deep learning means working with each single part of a podcast, studying vocabulary, grammar structures and your ability to speak! I like repeating some short parts of a podcast with my voice and imitating the speakers! 

You see, I try to keep the same intonation and pronunciation. And I do it out loud! You can write down new vocabulary and the whole phrases from a podcast. Writing helps you memorise new words and phrases much better. 

You can discuss the topic with a teacher and answer some simple questions. Try to respond actively, just like a native speaker! It’s so effective.

The next part of the lesson might be grammar. Spend 15 minutes on doing some grammar exercises with a teacher. What I like the most is translating sentences into English from your own language. Such kind of exercises are extremely useful, 

because they train your ability to think in English, improve your vocabulary and grammar. 

How to learn grammar with fun?

Studying by a textbook can be a very organised way of studying grammar. In order to enjoy it, you need to know your level and choose the textbooks accordingly. But be careful and don’t choose materials that are too easy for you. They won’t be effective. So don’t hesitate to tell your teacher you don’t like the current textbook. Or maybe you don’t want to study by textbooks at all! So tell your teacher about it and your teacher will focus on some specific language activities that you really enjoy!

The next thing I recommend for a good language class is reading. Spend a few minutes on reading a book together with your teacher! Read out loud with your voice and let a teacher correct you when making mistakes. There are a lot of so-called graded books for English learners of different levels.  It’s just a pleasure to read them. Write down or just mark new vocabulary and ask your teacher to explain it to you.

After you read a few sentences try to retell them on your own. Pay attention to your intonation and pronunciation. Just imagine that you speak to your teacher in English and just tell him the story. It’s an effective exercise that also improves your speaking skill quite a lot. So use the power of reading!

All the time during the lesson you need to speak to your teacher. Step by step you are going to get used to the English language and your brain will be adapting to this language more and more. As a result you learn how to think in English and one day you begin to speak English more easily and automatically without thinking too much. Your speaking skill becomes better and you achieve more fluency. 

Also it’s important to have pure speaking classes from time to time. I mean classes when you talk to your teacher during the whole lesson. I like having two or three standart classes and then the one where we only practise speaking. You can discuss the topics that you studied at your previous lessons. Or you can discuss any kind of topic from your daily life. So have small talks with your teacher from time to time.

So guys, it was some tips about having effective language classes. All I said is just my opinion based on my experience of learning languages. Share with me what you think about perfect language classes. What kind of classes do you have? 

Thank you very much for watching and don’t forget to like this video. I’d really appreciate it! Thank you very much once again and see you later. Bye!